Artemis Client Credit Card Authorization Form

(Credit cards only - Debit cards cannot be accepted)

This form is for Artemis clients who wish to pay via credit card, as well as new & establishing clients with less than 5 paid jobs in a calendar year. Please complete, sign & return (via submit request, scan, fax, or email) to Artemis Fine Art Services, Inc. Fax: (214) 357-2573. If you prefer to upload files and submit your request via email, send to


*Non-storage clients, all payments for viewing room rentals and services must be made before your artwork can be released. After one week of the viewing date, storage charges will accrue. Acceptance of this document {via signature, scan, email, fax, etc.}, client agrees to the below language, Artemis Estimates, Terms & Conditions (, & Cancellation Policy ( Estimated costs are based on details provided by the client, and may not reflect final costs. All jobs will be billed based on actual occurrences and conditions. Client authorizes Artemis to use the above funding to pay amounts owed as specified by actuals and Artemis invoice, and client legally certifies that funds are available to cover those job costs. Credit card will be billed when actuals are known. If credit card is declined, final services (including deliveries) may be delayed and client will be billed, including total undiscounted job costs (+fuel, labor) for those attempted services. Some credit card transactions may have an authorization hold placed on card until payment is received. Some transactions may be subject to a 2.89% processing fee (amount charged by V,MC,AX). *Terms may be established (Net 30 w/ credit card Backup Funding) after amicable payment history (credit card, prepay) of 5 jobs in a calendar year. Once terms are established, continuation of terms depends on timely payments and terms may be withdrawn if payments are past due. Artemis may request updated credit card authorizations for less active accounts. - Thank you

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