Dear Artemis Client,

Shuttle Service provides a low-cost alternative to Exclusive Transport. Each shuttle trip is based on, and depends upon, the volume that is booked in order to keep those costs low.This is the case with all volume based carriers - common carriers, tractor trailers, FedEx, airlines, trains, ships, etc. Although we make every effort to accommodate our clients and their needs; cancellation of shipments after work has commenced or ETAs have been given is billable. The space was booked, reserved, and cannot be re-sold. Unless such cancellations are a direct result of Artemis error, and therefore the responsibility of Artemis to rectify, Artemis will not be responsible, financially or logistically, for such cancellations, and the client will be billed. Artemis will however, offer the client discounted shipping costs for the later re-booking of a cancelled shipment.

Please note that Carrier (Artemis) collection, delivery dates, and times are estimated, and are subject to Carrier availability and actual occurrences (either seen or unforeseen). Client (Shipper, Consignor, Consignee, representative or agent) inability to receive or release shipments, change in volume, or cancellations for any reason (including above circumstances) is not the responsibility of the Carrier and alternatives must be available in order to avoid cancellation fees. Thank you.


Artemis Estimate Language - (bottom of page on all Artemis Estimates)

In Regards to Cancellations:

Please email or fax to book job (verbal acceptance subject to AFA confirmation). By booking Artemis job, client accepts this estimate, & agrees to the below language, Artemis Credit Card Authorization (cc), Terms & Conditions (, & Cancellation Policy ( AFA is released from liability for all PBO items; including items improperly packed, wrapped, labeled or inspected. AFA is released from liability & obligation for items requiring packing, handling, inspection, storage, and/or shipping which may be contrary to scope set forth in Artemis Estimate & BOL. This is an estimate only, based on details provided by the client, & may not reflect final costs, which may vary according to actual occurrences. Svcs performed by AFA (*i.e. labor, admin, add’l insurance, endorsements, mat’ls, crating, transport, storage, etc.), either by request or job necessity, are billable & payment is the responsibility of client or agent. Split billing subject to admin fees. Final costs associated w/ volume & svcs (*above), are based on cubic ft. booked, schedules made, or svcs ordered; which were reserved at time of booking; + any overages if app’l (actual volume, svcs greater than estimate). “Ride-flat” items, or which cannot be stacked upon, will be calculated at min. 60” ht. (due to unusable volume). Client agrees to pay for all services upon presentation of invoice (cc/cod/pp req’d for some accounts). Billing will occur when actual costs known. If cc given as backup funding, client authorizes its use for all overages & past due amounts. Discounts subject to cc, prepay, or expedited terms for ‘up to date’ accts w/ PO # / Ref #, & withdrawn if invoice past due or payment declined (full amount due + app’l fees). If client requires alternate volume, dates, times, locations, or svcs - please contact AFA before work has begun or ETA given. Inability to receive or release items, change in volume, or cancellation may be subject to fees, including total undiscounted job costs (+fuel, labor). Collection & deliv dates & times are estimated & subject to availability. Estimate valid for 30 days. Thank you.